Kids Wanting More

images-1 Are your kids suffering from a sense of entitlement?

Do they get angry when they don’t get what they want and when they want it?

Here are a few quick tips to help them come back down to earth.

  • Allow your children to see the real world. Serve on a mission trip to an underprivileged part of the country or the world. Go feed the homeless or volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen. Drive around impoverished areas of your community (or a nearby city). Discuss what you see.
  • Don’t give them every new thing that comes along. Deny them some things they really want (but don’t really need) teaches them to delay gratification and appreciate things more when (if) they do get them.
  • Encourage them to work to earn their own spending money. The fast food industry is a great place to start. When they’re making $7-10/hour, they soon learn how many hours or work it takes to get a pedicure. They’ll appreciate every Starbucks frappuccino that much more!
  • Teach them how to save for things they want. If they want the latest iPhone, require them to put up half the money for the upgrade and pay you monthly for the subscription fee. It doesn’t really matter whether you can afford it. The real goal is to teach your children the value of a dollar and prepare them financially for the real world.
  • Refuse to get caught up in comparing your family to others. Who cares if the Joneses get their kids every new electronic gadget when it comes on the market? Who cares if the Schwartz’ buy their kids brand new cars? Make decisions that are best for your family, for your children now and for their future.
  • Give your child chores on a regular basis. In order for the family to be successful everyone has to cooperate. No exceptions. Once your child understands that we are all equal  and we help each other instead of serve each other , he will feel he deserves his place in his family.