The words no one wants to say. Or hear. Or think about.

But what if these words lose their power over your family’s life?

What if by talking about them they lose control over your day, your future, your marriage?

Because, it’s true.

And for all the other scary words too:  learning disabilities, behavior problems, poor social skills.

They don’t have to rob your home of peace and happiness anymore.


You can change the story.


And I can help.

A little about me for your official bio-reading enjoyment:

Martha Alvarez is a family therapist, wellness coach to children and families, and mother of three who is passionate about enhancing the emotional well being of children, adolescents and families.

As the founder of Miami PsychCenter, she has has worked collaboratively with parents, teachers, counselors and community leaders to ensure that struggling youth have the greatest possible chance for success in life. She believes that all children have the ability to move from surviving to thriving on their journey towards adulthood, if they have the proper guidance along the way.

Martha has been highly regarded for her therapeutic work with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges  as well as for her solutions-focused approach that fosters personal resiliency, and her dynamic groups and workshops that are filled with love, laughter and learning.

Martha is licensed in Florida , where she earned her psychology degree specializing in family therapy, yet her ultimate training- involving both great pride and humility- comes from raising her three children in the urban jungle of Miami, Florida. With a multi passionate personality, she enjoys nothing better than time spent discovering places off the beaten path, creating culinary delights, or just relaxing with friends and family.